Tuesday, December 2, 2008

No Fear

One of the biggest fears, besides public speaking, is, I think, having to admit when you are wrong.

I guess I should make that more personal. I should say, it's hard for me to admit when I'm wrong. So often when I'm confronted about something, I get defensive. Ask my wife... she'll say it's true!

It's too bad that's true because sometimes admitting fault, even partial fault, can give new life to a dead or dying relationship. At Sunday evening's healing worship, someone came and said "hatred had been turned to love." That's what can happen when we say "I'm sorry" and then do what we can to change.

One of the reasons admitting fault and asking forgiveness is hard is because sometimes we don't know if our confession will be accepted. Sometimes we human beings have a really hard time letting go of how we have been hurt. Sometimes it take a long time for trust to be rebuilt.

Fortunately, in our relationship with God, there is no need to wonder about that. God does accept our repentance. God does let us start over. That's why, at the very beginning of Mark's gospel, before we hear about repentance, we hear "the beginning of the good news." There is no doubt what God will do with our sin. He will take it away.

So, preaching to myself, there is no need to be fearfully defensive. I hope I can remember that next time I'm confronted with something that's even partly my fault. And I hope I will remember to forgive as I have first been forgiven. (And I hope you will do the same.)

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