Wednesday, December 17, 2008

God's Smart Discipline

Last night at our church council meeting a parent told me that she and her family are using the Advent for Children devotions (SEE LINK AT RIGHT) that I've been preparing each day since the beginning of the month. I was glad to know that someone is making use of them! It gives me more energy to keep doing things when I know someone is making use of what I do.

This morning I began writing the Wake Up to Joy children's devotion for tomorrow. Tomorrow's scripture thought, based on Psalm 30:4-5, is called A Lifetime of Favor. (If you don't have a Advent devotion book, we still have a few here at church.)

In any case, it reminded me of the Smart Discipline seminar we hosted here back in October. I wrote about it then - see Respect and Care. We have the seminar available on video here in our church library.

One of the keys to Smart Discipline is the short term removal of privileges. From what I understood, he wisely advises that parents restore privileges to young people every Monday morning.

I could be wrong about this, because I haven't studied the materials in depth, but I don't think there is any "earning privileges back" in Smart Discipline. The privileges are restored each Monday no matter how life has gone the previous week.

There may be cases when that isn't wise, but from what I read in Psalm 30:4-5 it would seem that short term consequences are best. Our Lord, it says, is angry only for a moment but "his favor is for a lifetime."

I am thankful for my Lord's smart discipline. I'm thankful he doesn't hold my past sins over me. All my guilt was removed at the cross. Now my Lord simply uses consequences to firmly guide me into his path. God's discipline is always a part of his love. He will not stand in judgment over me for long. Because of what Jesus has done for me, when he sees me, he sees his beloved son.

This promise can be for you too, when you come to the Lord, confessing and repenting of your sins, and humbly asking that he take your guilt away. He will do it immediately. And he will let you begin again right now.

Now that's smart.

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