Thursday, October 30, 2008

Vision Raising Result 05

The following are from the "Equip and Support" forms turned in on October 19. Next we need to look at the sheets turned in after the discussion. Sorry it is taking so long to get this information out!

We support the ministry and ministry of our church through
l. Council & Committees/Teams
m. Church Office
n. Finance
o. PoWeR SuRGe
p. Prayer for CELC
q. Property

1. How are these functioning well?
  • We pray for our young families who are doing a good work.
  • Through commitment of those on the committees
  • Very good
  • I really like that tour church has this as another way for people to share ideas, feelings and a way to help.
  • Great job Pastor Steve & all helpers to make this possible.
  • Addressing needs and balancing wants.
  • Good job looking toward the future.
  • The flow of information through Pr. Thorson’s blog is very good.
  • I feel the “Power Surge” has really been at the basis of our church growing and uniting. Everything else falls into place. The office and committees appear to be operating fluently. The office setup now is good!
  • We have a dedicated staff who serve faithfully.
  • We have many faithful volunteers.
  • Keep on, keeping on
  • Function well – a lot of great people serve in their various roles.
2. What ideas do you have to better equip and support our church's mission & ministries?
  • Prayer before meetings & after
  • We need a ministry group to visit members who do not attend services. Also to reach out to those who have visited our beautiful church.
  • Help lost
  • Do we need a Christian day care to open?
  • I don’t know a lot about them to say at this time.
  • Continue the enthusiasm
  • Perhaps we could collect food for the food shelf on a more regular basis (i.e. at Alpha, at church gatherings, in attendance at certain events)
  • Give members the opportunity to debit their checking accounts so they can commit to an amount to give each week or month (even if they are out of town).
  • Focus on local missions more & world missions second. We need to focus on local issues – get our “house in order” before we can impact the world in some ways.
  • We need a website to share with the community all of the ministries of ELC. Internet is a main vehicle of communication and we need to use it.
  • Men’s (Club) “Prayer Partners” Praying for each other
More to come! You can still share your thoughts and ideas. Write a note, call, or turn in a form. Go to the vision raising link at top right.

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