Monday, October 6, 2008

Our Job and God's

(picture added Tuesday afternoon)
I've been reading through the gospel for this coming Sunday. There's a troubling section at the end of it where one of the guests rebels against the host (God) and is therefore damned.

We shouldn't read parables in a direct, word for word sense. They are metaphors and can be misused. Still, it's clear to me that in this parable we are both the invited guests and the "slaves" or "servants" who go out to invite anyone who will come.

As servants, our job is to go out and invite and bring as many as possible to the Christian community, and, specifically to worship, which is rehearsal for heaven. We can't, however, control the response of those we invite. Some will not come. Others will come but will not be submissive to the Lord. It's God's job to be the judge. We invite any and all.

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