Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Back in May I preached at the high school baccalaureate. It seems to have been an effective event (see Blessed By Absence for a note received afterward). My message that night was perhaps strange for a high school graduation event. I quoted First Peter 5:8 - Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour - and warned the graduates not to let the devil get them alone.

Like prey in the wild, it's the loner that gets picked off. The protection comes, however, not just by being with others, but by being with them AND Jesus Christ.

Christ followers are in danger when we become disconnected from one another. That's why we make commitments to worship together, to serve together, and to stay in Christian relationships. (See PoWeR SuRGe for more on that). Many years ago I thought I could be a Christian alone. My life was nearly destroyed as a result.

The church, therefore, works hard to help people see the value of being with other Christians in situations where Jesus' name is honored. Where two or three are gathered IN MY NAME, says Jesus, there I am with them. When we do not gather with others to honor Jesus and hear His Word, we put ourselves in danger.

Do you believe this? If not, let me know so we can talk! If so, do all you can to invite and bring others with you to events and gatherings where Jesus is honored. And please do not shy away from making public commitments to be a church together.
Added late night: I'm thinking about this again as we near confirmation day. Tonight I pleaded with the 10th graders to stay connected with each other and to the church as a whole.

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