Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Not On "You Tube"

At lunch today I met two other Lutheran pastors in our SW MN synod who blog. Eric Hullstrom from Jackson writes "The Heart of a Pastor" (click colored words for the link). Corey Bjertness of New London wrote a blog called "The Online Chaplain" when he served in Iraq -- he plans to begin blogging again. There are probably a dozen pastors from our synod who do "blog," but they didn't all show up at the table. I happen to know that another pastor, Steve King from Maple Lake, writes at Lutheran CORE but he wasn't at our table for lunch either.

The "table" was in St. Cloud, where I've been since since Sunday evening. There is an annual theological conference that pastors like me are expected to attend. I'm glad, because it's good to learn and be connected with others beyond our DC area. We've worshiped together, learned from professors Rolf Jacobson and Jim Boyce and from the Augsburg-Fortress CEO Beth Lewis, saw the film Yesterday.

I wish all of the things we have experienced here at the Southwestern Minnesota Synod Theological Conference would be on line. I've been pushing the idea that more and more should be put up on the internet so people can take a look at things at home or wherever. But, on the other hand, on "You Tube" you can't get together with people for lunch. By the way, I see that "You Tube" has a limit of 10 minutes to videos (though longer ones can be uploaded in parts). God Tube allows longer ones.

Continuing education for Christian adults is extremely important. It's very important that we not get swayed by every "wind of doctrine" Ephesians 4:12. Lutheran teaching keeps us focused on Jesus Christ and his work in our lives. I really appreciate events like this one where we do get good Lutheran teaching.

Click here for my unedited notes from the Rolf Jacobson presentation. It was about the Old Testament and how we find both LAW and GOSPEL in that part of the Bible. Eric Hullstrom posted a few notes on his blog. James Boyce's presentation "The Shaping of an Evangelical Christian" focused on the book of Romans and emphasized how God sets us free as we hear and trust the Gospel. He provided helpful notes that you can access here. This paragraph revised Thursday, Oct. 23.

The SW MN Synod has a program called "Faith Builders" for "people who simply love to learn and grow. Here are some of the upcoming Faith-Builder courses that are being planned. If you are interested in any of them please let me know.
  1. An Overview of the Old Testament, Friday evening through Sunday noon, March 13-15 at Shalom Hill Farm, taught by Dr. Richard Bowman.
  2. "They Did What?..." - a lively look at the Old Testament, a four session course, Feb. 7 & 21, Mar. 7 & 21 at Glenwood Lutheran Church, taught by Pastor Randy Chrissis.
  3. The Spirituality of Personal Finance, one day presentation, date & place to be announced, taught by John Rehl.
  4. Foundations for God-Centered Youth Ministry - a one day workshop for adults seeking to improve youth ministry - to be held at a rural church, date & place to be announced.
  5. Money Leadership for Individuals and Congregations - an overnight retreat helps individuals and groups look at their own views of money and become equipped as personal and congregational stewards. Dates & locations to be announced.


  1. It was nice to meet you today and hear what you are doing. I look forward to reading more about your ministry here.

    Also...Corey Bjertness, from Peace in New London, writes The Online Chaplain. Even though Corey has blogged for a a while, I would encourage everyone to check out some of his old posts. They are indeed good reading.

  2. Thanks, Eric... I made a correction because it WAS Corey Bjertness that I was referring to in my post. I originally put the name of the pastor in Cold Spring because that's where I originally met Corey. Here's to collaboration! See you tomorrow. I'm in Cokato for a council meeting at the moment.