Friday, October 17, 2008

Vision Raising Result 03

Half as many people turned in Vision Raising forms in regard to our call out in the world than did the week before for our call at church. I think that has more to do with how folks get tired of filling out forms than it does with whether people care about our church's work in the world.

Jesus calls his church into a world of need. We then invite others to the banquet of God's love. In the world, our church invites through
Befriending - caring by listening & being a friend to those with chronic illnesses, weakness or other needs
Corn Carnival - outreach and fund-raising event (proceeds go beyond our church budget)
Global Mission
Outreach - inviting and sharing God's good news with our local area
Social Ministry - reach out to those in poverty or short term needs
Wider Church - knowing about and influencing what our ELCA is doing in the Southwestern Minnesota Synod and beyond

Here are some of the things people wrote on the forms in regard to what we appreciate about the ministry our local church beyond our church building out in the world:
  • As a member of the corn carnival committee it is satisfying to know that we are helping people in need
  • Especially during these troubled times in feels good to be part of the corn carnival ministry. The places we are able to donate to because of this help many people throughout our community & beyond.
  • Following God’s commandment
  • Food shelf, thrift store and programs in community.
  • Get to know members of church body
  • Getting to know people by working with them in a different setting
  • Helping others who are in need through social ministry.
  • I appreciate there are several ministries to be involved in & with
  • I like being a befriender
  • I like how we are continually looking abroad outside of our own church here in Cokato, but more emphasis needs to be put on helping members of our own church
  • Identifying the need for Christ beyond our church walls
  • Inviting people to church
  • Making people feel welcome in our church family
  • Reaches outside our building walls
  • That we are given a choice to serve and not just assigned without being asked like they do with ushering and/or serving groups
  • The corn-carnival stand works really well – all seems to go so smoothly
  • The giving of ourselves to the community
  • The radio broadcast is so important
  • They are all important
  • Things that (except for Corn Carnival) need to be done without too much effort on the part of volunteers
  • We are reaching out to the unchurched
  • We are there for others
  • Working at the Corn Carnival

Here are some ideas people wrote on the forms for mission and ministry beyond our church building out in the world:
  • Disaster relief care packages
  • Financial counseling
  • Getting youth group more involved in these for service projects!!
  • Helping people recover from emergencies and disasters
  • Identifying additional concerts/retreats/conferences in the area – Revolve tour, Women of Faith conference, Casting Crowns concert, etc.
  • Internet – online – podcast sermons
  • Keep it more local during these economic times
  • More prayer – at every meeting and at other time
  • New program called “Girlfriends Unlimited” could be an outreach to mothers throughout the community.
  • Spring/summer/fall worship at apartments/parks
  • Use the chapel more
  • Young adult Bible Study (20s – 30s)
None of these things happen, of course, until someone hears God's call to do them! Pray that the Lord will lead you and that you will be given the grace to obey.

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