Monday, September 3, 2018

Labor Weekend

Good morning! Toni and I are up at the Durphee Lake cabin, spending most of our time painting the newly reconstructed porch. First we primed (as in the picture). Now we're putting 2 coats on the trim and the rest. We doubt that we'll be able to finish the outside before we leave this afternoon, and then inside is still waiting. It's been a labor-full Labor Day weekend.

When Toni took this pic it was, as you can see, beautiful outside weather wise. That was Saturday. Yesterday (Sunday) we were able to get back at it in the mid afternoon. It started pouring rain in the late morning after church. I got in a really good nap so was able to get back to painting the eaves. There's a second coat of green on the lake-side and the first coat is done on on the west-side. Toni's been doing the walls, plus filling nail holes inside.
It's been good for us to be up here, not only to get work done, but also because we brought Toni's mom Jo along with us. This cabin, as she has been saying as she's been talking with friends, is really her home. There have been lots of changes in her life, even before Toni's dad's recent death, and this place has been the one physical constant since she and Dick bought it in the early 1960s. Jo is doing quite well right now, glad to have family and friends visiting, and doing as many chores as she can. She wisely uses a walker to get around, but other than that I have to say she's quite young considering her 85+ years on this earth. I'm glad she can be here too.

I started writing this a half hour ago or more, thinking that I'd share a bit more about health, following up on my "Truth and Cholesterol, part 1" post. That'll have to wait. I want to get back to bed for a bit now.

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