Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Confessing Comparison

It's about a quarter to 8 on this Tuesday evening. I've been wanting to jot a few thoughts, sort of selfish and personal thoughts, that have been going on in my head in connection with my father-in-law Dick Dahlin's funeral yesterday.

Hundreds came. People are guessing 300. Dick and Jo had dozens of friends, probably mostly due to Jo's gregarious ways, though his own activities during retirement and his previous pastoral service also contributed to his "popularity." He was a steady participant, a caring presence, a servant, and a consistent leader of several groups. Jo and Dick together made a wonderful team that drew people to them -- and to the Lord they served.

Dick's ministry life (pre-retirement) was pretty straightforward. He retired 25-30 years ago, long before the denominational difficulties occurred that led, by a roundabout and complicated path, to my resignation from the last ELCA church I served. Sadly, and embarrassingly, I have thought about my own life, and even my own (future) funeral, knowing that it's (and will be) different (and smaller) than Dick's. As will be my/our financial security whenever it is that we retire. Dick retired early. I'll retire late. So it goes.

I confess that, in my heart, I compared, even though, honestly, I wouldn't trade. I really like how things are going for me, and for Toni and me together, now. I know the Lord will work it out for us just fine.


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