Sunday, September 16, 2018


I'm at our son Dan and daughter in law Shatera's place tonight, "watching" our grandson Liam. They'll be back momentarily from the youth group that Dan pastors. It's a pleasure to spend time with Liam, and also to help his busy parents a bit. Tomorrow I'll be back to work.

Toni comes back this evening from Northfield where's she's been helping get her mom settled in her new apartment. I think it'll be a great situation for Grandma Jo.

I don't think I mentioned in this blog that Toni and I are thankful, and awed, at the birth of our son Jon & his wife Breanna's fourth child. That makes six grandchildren now, with one more on the way. Naomi is expecting to give birth to her second child in February.

We're in the sandwich time of our lives. Between grandchildren and our aging parents, we certainly have enough to do.

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