Thursday, August 30, 2018

Truth and Cholesterol, part 1

I'm writing this while I wait out my time in the Heywood Garage drivers room. My second bus trip in the mornings during this part of the year is on a route that goes from Blaine to the University of MinnesotaMinnesota, but since the U hasn't yet started its fall term I don't drive it. I come back here and wait after my first trip. Soon I'll go to the gym and then home until the afternoon.

As is usual with me the importance of "truth" has been on my mind lately, this time in connection with something that medical professionals have talked with me about -- cholesterol.

My cholesterol is high. It's that way most likely because of my low-carb, high-fat diet, a diet that I have been convinced is the most healthy. My total cholesterol is 238. But my HDL is 78+. So my "ratio" of LDL/HDL is great... even according to my doctors*. Still, they all want me to take medication so that there will be less total cholesterol in my blood.

I've said I would need to be convinced about that -- that it's not good for me to have a lot of cholesterol in my blood. As of now I'm not convinced. As of now I'm of the opinion that cholesterol is a good thing, as long as my "ratio" is good, and as long as other health indicators are positive.

Why do I think cholesterol is a good thing? I'll write more about that later... I hope.

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