Sunday, August 5, 2018

Not Much Written

7½ hours from now my alarm will be going off and I'll be up for a new work week. This weekend has been good but full; Toni's been gone, again, down in Northfield with her parents and sister. Her dad has moved into the nursing care unit of the Northfield Retirement Center, the same facility where he and Toni's mom have had an independent living apartment for the past year or more. I've kept busy with a whole lot of things, both here at home and elsewhere. I spent the last few hours cleaning and putting things "away" (or at least out of the main rooms). Tomorrow I'll clean up the bathroom and do a little work here in my office/guest room area. Toni will be back at some point tomorrow, probably later in the day.

I don't write much here these days. I tweet and post on facebook though. You can follow me there.

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