Sunday, July 15, 2018

Humid Weekend

Friday evening: Toni and I are home after taking a walk around Lake Como. There were two plays going on in the park, one Shakespeare and one musical. We didn't see much, but it was nice to hear a little. There's something about being around public events that both of us like.


Saturday: I wrote that last night. Now it's early afternoon. I'm finishing up a small project outside. It's warm out there. Toni and I will go take a dip in a lake later on, and tonight we're planning to go to a Minneapolis Pops Orchestra concert at the Lake Harriet Bandshell. My sister Karen and her husband may join us.


Now it's Sunday evening, not long before I need to head to bed. Toni's outside finishing a project I started -- a small hedge died and I finally cut the stumps out of the ground today. The spot where the hedge was, on the north side of the house, right next to the back door -- that spot will be a good place for the outdoor love seat that we've had since we lived on Mooers Avenue in Cokato. It was Toni's idea to use the space for that purpose, at least for now. She's putting landscaping fabric down -- for now we'll put a piece of plywood on it and then put the love seat on that. Maybe someday we'll do a more permanent fix, though it might take awhile.

It'll be an early morning tomorrow. We'll be home, working and etc., until we head northeast for cabin time. I pray that we'll follow the Lord's leading in everything we do.

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