Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Planning and Trusting

We never really know what's going to happen next, do we? Toni's dad has been ill recently, though it seems as of right now that he's on the mend, but his illness is a reminder that we just don't know about the future.

Even so, it is good for us to make some plans. Right now, during these days, Toni and I are making some plans about our future, specifically, in connection with the possible porch that we're looking into putting on our house.

Ever since I left what I have called the "pastors union" our income has decreased. Back when we were at Crossroads Church we were receiving considerably less than what I was "making" as an ELCA pastor. And since moving to Metro Transit I'm making still less, though my income there has been gradually increasing... and with Toni's business income we're doing okay for now.

But we never know just what will happen next. The fact that Toni's dad's been ill has meant that Toni has had to forgo some of her income, cancelling appointments so she can be with her parents. That's a reminder of the uncertainty of our lives.

How can we plan then? Only by trusting the Lord who has brought us safe thus far.

We will plan, and we'll get some advice. Mostly, though, we will trust the faithfulness of God.


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