Wednesday, May 23, 2018

One Morning

Typing on my kindle, standing next to one of the counters here in Metro Transit's Heywood garage drivers' room, occasionally talking with other drivers and instructors, thinking about all the writing projects I'd like to do and depolarizing conversations I'm wanting to be involved in. I'm here, instead of driving, because my second morning trip of the year, a short route 3 piece, is not running now that the U of M spring session is done.

One of more active union members a the garage is distributing newsletters. The "Janus" supreme court case is on the front page and I managed to hear, briefly, a rather embittered opinion about that from another driver who is opposed to the union's position on it. I wanted to hear the "why" from him but he wasn't interested in saying more.

I hope he's willing to share more later. How can we learn from one another if we don't do that? I don't know.

Continuing this now that I'm home. I had a great nap, talked with Toni on the phone--she's at work--and I'm hoping to get some exercise soon. The bicycle trailer that my family ordered for my birthday just arrived! Fun!

Dan called and talked with me about a house they're interested in buying. Adding that to the prayer list.

Okay, it's past 11:00 already. I need to get moving a bit unless I want to sit all day.

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