Sunday, May 6, 2018

Life Is Full

It's another beautiful spring day. I'm waiting, at the moment, for our daughter-in-law to bring our grandson by. I'll "watch" him while his mom Shatera goes up to Ramsey where our son Dan works.  Tonight is a special evening for the youth group that Dan leads -- they're saying "goodbye" to the high school seniors and Shatera doesn't want to miss it.

The house is pretty quiet right now. I'd be outside except I want to jot a quick blog post before I'm occupied with Liam. Toni is singing... right now (5PM)... but not here. There's a big jazz and choir concert that our church choir is participating in. I got there for the 3 PM performance. Our daughter Naomi, her husband Tim, and our grandson Jonas biked to that. We got to spend a little time together afterward. Jonas is growing up... taking a few steps on his own now. It's fun! 

Toni and I are thankful that the Lord has allowed us to live close enough to both Dan & Naomi to care for their sons without needing to drive a long way. Tomorrow, when I'm back at work, Toni will drive tomorrow to Cokato where she'll watch over Jon and Breanna's three daughters. That's a normal Monday for her, except for when she's go other things going on, such as driving down to Northfield to spend time with her parents. I usually see my parents on Tuesday evening, after work.

During the concert today I saw, on stage, one of the men I had volunteered with in the warehouse at Bridging. I haven't volunteered there since the summer of 2016. With work, the house, the growing family, and parents to care about, some writing and communicating, trying to connect with friends, etc. life is full.

Now I hear Shatera at the door. Time to go.

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