Thursday, May 10, 2018

Like a Shepherd

The Lord Jesus guides everything I do. That doesn't mean I always follow His leadership. I rebel against Him and the ways he works to refine my character, but even those times of rebellion are used by Him for goo. I repent and return to Him. I talk with Him and learn to follow Him more nearly. He corrects me in surprising ways, sometimes bringing Truth to me from unexpected directions, including from people I disagree with. I need to pause and pray and study every day so I can see my errors and repent.

The Lord Jesus' guidance is even over decisions I have to make that may seem unrelated to His purposes. Today I'll choose the routes and schedule I'll drive in the summer. I'll also have a conversation with a financial planner. Yes, in all those things I'm in a dialog with my Lord, seeking just what He desires. I am completely free to choose what I want to do, but since Jesus knows all things, including the future, it's always wise to not just go with whatever I think is best, but to listen for what Isaiah called that "still small voice" of God.

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