Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Exiting the Egress Project

almost 2 weeks ago
It's been raining here in Roseville since yesterday evening. Thankfully the egress window well is almost done -- and the window in place thanks to Toni's dad. Here's "project in progress" picture from a couple weeks ago.

Yesterday Toni asked me to pose (and smile) for another picture that she wanted to take as I was tamping down a layer of dirt "back filled" around the metal "area wall" in the hole that was partially done. She said she wanted the picture because I had done most of the work and there was no picture of me doing it. I didn't care about that, I'm just thankful that it's close to finished. It's taken about a month to do. And thank God we've had good working weather for a few weeks.

Time to head out for work. Now!

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