Friday, October 7, 2016

House and Life

This is from an email letter I sent off, a few minutes ago, to my siblings:

Thank you ever so much for all you did last Saturday. As I said in [another] note, there have been so many times that the three of you and your families have helped us out. I hope that as life levels out for us that we can reciprocate in some way. I don't know what all you "girls," Lisa and Karen, were working on here on Saturday, but thank you! Peter was here until almost 5:00, helping us, in the end, bring a round wooden table to a consignment shop. 

I'd like to write personal thank yous to Leah, Jon and Walt, and to others. But that will need to wait.

As she said before. Toni tallied up 10 times or more that we've moved since we were married. I'm planning on staying here, Lord willing, for 40+ years.

Today between work shifts I'm hoping we can get a few pictures up on the living room walls and take care of some of the mess in the garage, not necessarily organized, but at least make it more possible to walk through there. Some of the cardboard boxes that are accumulating out there will be going to Dick & Jo's for their eventual move.

We're hoping too to find time to get me a desk. Right now I'm using a card table. and this combination guest room/office is a mess. Toni is using "her" desk again in the den. I had used it when we were on Lydia house and she just used the table. Yesterday we went to [store] and picked out a futon like mom and dad's that we'll use in the den as a second guest room when needed, especially for grandchildren!

After my PM shift I'm planning on going to a men's gathering at [church]. God directed us to connect there, though we haven't joined.

I've got a passel of thoughts and feelings rolling around in my head about faith and life and church that I feel like I need to sort out, but that's going to take some time, time that I'm sure will involve writing -- and time is something that is being directed, necessarily, at present, and probably until the snow flies, to my work and to all the things that need to be done on this house. There just isn't much time for other things.

Writing has been a vital part of my walk with the Lord. That all began with Ron P___ (can't remember how to spell his name... Polasari?) having us write 30 minutes a day about whatever in English class during freshman year, continuing with hundreds of letters and theological seminary papers, and what seems like thousands of sermon drafts etc., and then most recently, blogging. (I learned that from Naomi.) 

[Toni's dad] will be here on Saturday and we'll work together, with him taking the lead, to get the egress window actually put in. The window well is sort of in place (though some adjustments are necessary) and the dirt is now off the lawn. I brought three small trailer loads to a place in far north Ramsey County that takes dirt for free. I've got one more trailer load covered with plastic in the trailer in the driveway but I think I need to wait to haul it away until I see if we nee a bit more to re-fill in the outside of the egress hole (where I may need to dig again). Or I'll get rid of it and then go get some dirt there if I need it later.

I went to bed last night about 8 PM, woke up at about 1:45 AM, and will go back to bed now. I love these quiet nighttime hours.

I thought maybe I'd get taken off my morning work today (due to being "over my hours" so far this week), but that didn't happen yet. I've been taken off work for at least one morning (once a half morning) almost every week for quite awhile now. I guess the union has been getting on Metro Transit's case. The contract is strict about not having us part timers work more than 30 hours a week. (We get paid for 33¾ hours. Long story.)

Talk to you all soon.

Much love, 


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