Saturday, October 1, 2016

We're Here.

(Edited early Sunday morning.)
Hello! I thought I'd say a quick 'hi' and bring whoever reads this up to date on where we're living now. We just moved, today, to 1749 Millwood Avenue in Roseville. Toni had my brother take a pic of us sitting on the front step. I'm sure I'll post that later once Toni puts it up on facebook.

For more pics click here.
(And here it is!)

Thanks to Toni -- the one who inspired and worked so hard to get us ready -- thanks to our kids (and a couple of Dan's friends) and my wonderful brother and sisters, and the spouses of all the above, plus thanks to my Aunt Betty who came with food, and Steve and Tom from Roseville Covenant Church, who carried a ton of stuff -- thanks to all those we're here. Now we're tired. And we're thankful.

Tomorrow we'll be up not too late to sing with the RCC Choir at worship, and then I'm sure we'll be back at doing lots of organizing here. (And then, so important, we need to get the basement ready for renters so we can afford this place!)

With a prayer that all this will be to God's Glory and the good of many others, in Jesus' name.

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