Friday, November 11, 2016

Grieving with those who grieve ;'(
I found the item above as I am grieving what a Trump presidency might mean for God's good earth. It's taken a couple days for the grief to settle in for me. Toni (my wife) posted something on facebook about grief yesterday morning. (BTW I'm not familiar with either "The Climate Mobilization" or John Pavlovitz. I'm just using their images and thoughts as examples of the feelings I'm going through.)

It's hard to grieve for others about some things, isn't it.

I would guess that, for many of our friends, this is one time it's particularly hard because the things Toni and I are grieving over are either being celebrated, or our friends are wanting us to move immediately to "praying for our country" or "praying for our new president elect."

Okay... yes...

But imagine how it is for those of us who have been so concerned about the rise of a man and an ideology that seems, to me, to be dangerous.

O Lord have mercy.

And friends, have mercy on me too.

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