Tuesday, April 14, 2015

What's Next?

During our 10:15 AM worship gatherings at Crossroads we've been seeking answers to questions about Jesus. Who Is Jesus? Why Did Jesus Die? Did Jesus really rise from the dead? (a.k.a. "Look Into It") and last Sunday What's Jesus Doing Now? Now this week we'll wrap up with What's Next?

What's next for Jesus? Now that he's reigning and ruling in creation and in those who have received him as their Lord, what's next? What's next for Him -- and what's next for us?

I saw a story online that ran last summer on daytime TV about a guy who has worn a name tag 24/7 for over 14 years. He's even had a name tag tattooed onto his chest. You never need to wonder, when you meet him, "Who is that?" No anonymous, no incognito. He is who he is and everyone knows it all the time. It will be with him -- on his body -- until this life is over. His name is SCOTT. You can't miss it. Ever.

Last week, during our message time, I encouraged people to take their church bulletin, fold it so the top of the bulletin back cover, with its illustration of God: Father, Son, Spirit was on the outside. And then I invited them to put it on themselves. On their heart. On their head. On their hands and on their feet. Why? Because the Holy Spirit, through the speaking and declaring of the Word of God, takes all that belongs to Jesus and gives us to us. Jesus, always with the Father and the Holy Spirit, comes to live inside us. There is no separation between us and our God. And nothing can ever rip us apart.

Like Scott's name is always on him, so Jesus' name is on you. And that won't change. It's 24/7.

So therefore, Jesus' future - it's our future too. And this week we'll look into that. What's next for Jesus -- that's coming up for you and me also.


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