Saturday, April 25, 2015

What a Privilege It Is

[Added Sunday 5 PM - Click here to go to a website where you can listen to a recording of the April 26 worship gathering.]
"We are entering a time of discernment for the future of Crossroads and the individuals.  Who is God calling to continue to meet together as 'Crossroads'"?
(from preliminary minutes of Crossroads Community Church's Board of Directors regular April meeting)

"This Sunday (26th) is the church’s annual partner meeting.  This is an extremely important meeting.  Not only will we be looking back at the past year, but making decisions about Crossroad’s future.  If there is any way you can attend, please make it happen.  Pastor Tom Stover will be sharing a message from God’s word during worship.  Pastor Tom is one of the founding people of Franklin Avenue Mission that we assist with once a month, but he does so much more as a psychologist and pastor with Holy Trinity Church and Ministries and Trinity First Church.  After worship we will then share a potluck meal together and then move into our annual meeting."
(from an email that went out late Thursday afternoon from the Crossroads office on behalf of the board)
Those who have been following this blog may have seen Friday's post about Tom Stover who will be preaching at Crossroads tomorrow. He chose action oriented scriptures (James 2:14-20 and Matthew 25:31-40) and will be preaching a message entitled What a Privilege It Is.

He'll be speaking about the privilege it is to serve the poor. But when I see that title, I think of what a privilege it is to serve the with the people of Crossroads over the past four years.

At the meeting I've asked that a print version of my post "Small But Mighty In the Lord" be handed out. As we consider what we will be doing as individuals and families in relation to this church, and as we move toward choices that those who feel called to be a part of Crossroads will be making for the church as a whole, it's my prayer that we'll recognize what a privilege it is to see the Lord at work in our midst now in 2015.

Last Sunday I announced that I'll be moving on from Crossroads sometime soon, probably in early June. (See my post "Confident in God's Good Future" for the announcement I made during last Sunday's message. If plans stay as they are, I'll be starting training as a bus operator for Metro Transit, perhaps as soon as June 8.) That announcement, which was known to the board ahead of time, adds one more reason that tomorrow's meeting is especially important. 

Please pray that the Lord will guide those who are current Crossroads "partners" (see info on "Partnership" on the Crossroads website) to make good decisions, both about their personal future involvement with this church and about the choices they make about our church's future as a whole. Please pray that we would celebrate and give thanks for all God is continuing to do through this amazing group of believers. God has blessed me so much through all of you!

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