Friday, April 24, 2015

Exciting Moves Ahead!

I found a place to write a bit, at a coffee shop in Bloomington across the street from the "Room and Board" store where I dropped off a class of high school students as a part of their Interior Decorating class. It's a "field trip" for this class today, and I've got "my" bus securely parked and waiting. We have two more stops today before we head back to DC.

I wanted to find a place to write about some the positive and exciting changes that are ahead for me and for us in the months to come. But now I'm here and I'm wondering just what to write.

I'm wondering what to write, not because I don't have a lot to share, because it's been brought to my attention that things are different now that I'm transitioning to a new phase of life.

In my life as a pastor I found that writing openly like this was really helpful and motivating for me, and, I think, helpful for at least some people in the ministries that I've served. But now I'm puzzled about what my relationship with this "Sharing Ministry and Faith" blog will be going forward, now that I'm transitioning out of my work in the Cokato area--where this blog began.

Anyway, instead of writing here today, I need to pause and pray and talk with loved ones about this blog. But I want to repeat something so you'll know it's true: I am just as positive and excited about what God will be doing in and through me today and tomorrow and next week, next month and next year as I ever have been.

So I'll probably write a few emails today instead of writing on here right now, and, if you ask, I'd love to share with you in whatever ways works for you: face to face, on the phone, texting, email, whatever. Please ask if your curious. I'm not shy. God is so good at all times, including the present. It's a thrill to follow Him.

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