Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Spirit vs carnality

A helpful quote from Graham Cooke was posted on our church's facebook page by a member of our church board of directors on Sunday evening after Crossroads' Sunday "after worship meeting."  That was the "annual meeting" of Crossroads -- a meeting that was suspended and will resume on May 17. 

As I wrote earlier at A Call to Prayer, this delay "will give us needed time to pray, and to listen to and hear what the Lord has to say."

Here's what was posted by the board member:
Something I came across in a book on church and transition by Graham Cooke a few years back:

"Transition is about tension, change, uncertainty, fear, disturbance, redirection, remodeling, mess, excitement, re-envisioning, new call, fresh faith, unpredictability, frustration, disagreement, adventure, moving on, uprooting, and the unknown!

"All these things will test our capacity to express the nature of God in the fruit of the Spirit. Spirit vs carnality is a major part of transition.

"Basically, if the Spirit wins, we move on successfully in a remodeled church with a new anointing, fresh faith, and a new sense of vision and destiny..."
Click here to see the original post on facebook and my comment.

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