Friday, March 13, 2015

Crossroads Mission Center

What follows is a sort of update to a piece I wrote back in December - a piece I entitled Moving Ahead into 2015, summarizing some recent developments at Crossroads Community Church. THANK YOU to all who have supported, and continued to support, the work we do together in Jesus' name.

It's another beautiful morning--a little after 8 at the moment. There is no elementary school in the Dassel-Cokato district today so my school bus run was shorter than usual. It'll be mostly sunny today with temps in the 40s and 50s. So much for the weather report. :)

I thought I should report, as I take a few minutes to write today, that I offered, and the Crossroads board accepted, to reduce the amount that Crossroads pays me for my work. The reduction will take effect at the beginning of April and will continue at least through June. It's the only prudent way forward since Crossroads' income isn't keeping up with expenses.

The reason for this is that quite a few families have moved on from Crossroads. (See this post from the fall: What It Means to Trust God.) Other families and individuals have come on board with joy and thankfulness for the Lord's work in our midst, so I'm not discouraged personally! In fact, I'm more energized and positive about our work together with the Lord in this place than I have ever been.

Crossroads is not, at least not anymore, a little church that resulted from people leaving one to found another. Crossroads is becoming a mission center and God is blessing us every day with energy and the joy of the Lord. We've been highlighting some of the mission outreaches in our bulletin each week -- there are more to go. Next week, for example, we might highlight the work the Lord is doing through Gintarė Varankevičiūtė in New York City... or perhaps the introduction to the "Elijah House" prayer ministry that we're sharing on a few Saturdays this spring. Stay tuned or explore our imperfect website at

Here are a few pictures from our mission highlights that we've featured in bulletins since the beginning of January -- on our website you'll find links to all these and more.

I include these as an encouragement to all who have been part of Crossroads Community Church Cokato over the years, and those who are now joyfully participating in the mission God has given us. I also include these to show how we are indeed being "THE DANGEROUS KIND," more than just one more little church in the community. God is doing great things through us and it is privilege to serve with all who have been a part of this church.

Praise God for all his love - love we get to share in Jesus' name.

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