Monday, March 23, 2015

Another Week of God's Grace

It's a beautiful morning here in Cokato. I finished my snow shoveling workout and, since I don't need to drive my regular morning and afternoon school bus routes this week, I can spend more time doing other things.

We had a great weekend, both as a church family and as a personal family.
  • On Saturday we very much enjoyed time at the Franklin Avenue Mission. A reporter from our local newspaper was there so perhaps there will be something printed about that next Monday.
  • Then yesterday we launched the "JESUS" series of messages in the morning and then in the evening, after a visit to our son Jon (and Breanna and granddaughter Lydia) we worshiped at Igreja Brasileira da Esperan├ža in Bloomington. Toni's nephews serve there -- one as worship director and one as translator. I really enjoyed the chance to listen to a message in Portuguese and to speak with those who braved the snow to be out yesterday evening.
  • After dark last night we drove back to Cokato. The snow was coming down and the roads were greasy. We did get home safely, but one block from our home I put on the brakes for a stop sign and slid into the path of an oncoming car, that, praise the Lord, was still stopped at the intersection. 
Toni and I are praising God for His grace -- and I am reminded again how foolish it is to have any pride in our my strength or abilities -- including in my driving ability. All we have and all we are and all we can do are just signs of God's great love. But we can absolutely trust in Him!

Two main things on my "to do" list for the week:
  1. Looking ahead to next Sunday -- I'll do a message on Why Did Jesus Die? This will fit in with celebrating Jesus' entry into Jerusalem ("Palm Sunday"). I had been scheduled to preach on one of the "Seven Last Words" of Christ as he spoke them on the Cross. I've been growing in my understanding of Jesus' work and that will fit in nicely with next Sunday's message.
  2. Looking ahead to Crossroads' future and my own future -- As I explained on this blog on March 13, I will be taking a substantial pay cut beginning next month. I have offered to take on some more school bus driving work (activity trips etc.) but I've been looking beyond that. This "spring break" time will give me the chance to search and pray and perhaps make a decision. As for Crossroads future, I'm hoping to meet this week with others for prayer and consultation as to our mission in this community, particularly in connection with something I've called "DC Help."
I ask your prayers and any suggestions you have would be welcome. In the meantime I'm excited about the mission work God gives us to do here. I praise God for each day and each opportunity that He gives. He has me, and you, firmly in His hand. Let me know how I, and Crossroads, can be of service to you.

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