Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Good Days

I haven't taken time to write any blogposts because I've been busy with many other things. These are very good days. I praise God for all He is doing. God is so good!

Now I'm getting ready for March 8 - the message God is leading us to this week is "Reckless Obedience."  Check out my twitter feed for some quotes and thoughts based on scripture and Graeme Sellers' The Dangerous Kind chapter entitled "Reckless." If you'd like to read the whole chapter please let me know.

When you have a minute, check out the "DC Help" webpage and let me know any comments or suggestions you may have for improvement.

Also, check out the message shared on March 1 by Eric Bluhm. Good stuff.

DC Help webpage at equalsharing.com/dc-help

Eric Bluhm's message & more from March 1 at Crossroads
at crossroadscokato.com/the-dangerous-kind.html#8

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