Friday, October 17, 2014


When Jesus said "follow me" he was inviting his disciples into a different kind of life. In later generations, when "disciples" turned into church goers, they started asking how their church life was going to fit into their lives.
(I wrote those sentences earlier this week.)

Do you know the grand invitation? Do you say yes to Jesus every chance you get? Are you willing to follow Him into something new? When you do, you will leave fear behind and walk into the freedom and joy of the One who knows and loves you best.

This month at Crossroads we're experiencing that invitation through Community Builders. I hope you will come along for the next two Sundays. Let me know if you'd like a preview of what's coming up on Oct. 19.

This coming Sunday we'll be meeting under the theme "Fellowship of the Spirit." There will be no small groups this week. Instead we'll share more time in worship, with opportunities for prayer, scripture reading, blessing and the proclamation of God's Word. And the Lord's Supper too.

Please come!

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