Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Hang Out Time

Someone submitted this question on Sunday at Crossroads:
"Do you have youth events where the kids can just hang out-not study scripture or hearing lectures?  When 1 of my kids wouldn’t come to church they would attend other youth get-togethers “super bowl party”, movie night, ping pong, pool table at a local church.  Soon they were also attending on Sundays-Yeah!  Now I have another who refuses.  He also hangs with 2 other boys.  1 an exchange student who has told us he’s never even heard of our God.  Just thought having a place to go, play games, goof off etc could be a start of something.  If there is this type of thing in place already I am unaware of it."
The answer to this question is YES. The next event is FRIDAY NIGHT FRIENDZY -- go to THIS LINK to learn more. (We don't know who submitted the question so I'm just posting the answer here.)

DC United Friday Night Friendzy  (next on Nov. 14)
This is a free event for our middle schoolers, those in grades 5th - 8th grades. It is being held at the First Baptist Church in Cokato on the second Friday of every month from 9:00pm to midnight. About 50 students attended the first and second ones (Sep. 12 and Oct. 10). 

What is Friday Night Friendzy?  It is simply a safe and friendly place for kids to hang out! Many of our middle schoolers because of they are unable to drive yet, their "activities" tend to be limited, or experimental. Here there are games, music, and food. The idea here is simply to for the youth to feel safe and loved, and give them a safe place to hang out.

These nights are supported by DC United Youth Leaders, not just the First Baptist Church, so we do need adult helpers that are willing to come help supervise, hang out, and play some games.  We need help providing snacks (brownies, popcorn, chips....) and even lemonade or pop as well.  The hope is that as this grows, we will be able to expand to other churches on other nights as well.  We want our youth to understand that church is a safe place that they can come, not be judged and just simply accepted. 

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