Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Brave Parents Invited

This is a very quick post that has come about because I listened to a podcast connected with the book A Teacher's Introduction to Attachment. Click HERE to listen.

I recommend that parents listen to this, especially if you are dealing with children that have behavior issues that don't seem to respond to normal love and discipline.

It might be a bit hard to listen to. "Attachment" issues have to do with the parent-child relationship. Sometimes, in early childhood, children experience chaotic environments--and and because a child's brain develops during those early years, even when the chaos or difficulties get better later on, even when, for example, parents begin to learn new ways of relating to their children, sometimes the child's inner life doesn't recover very quickly.

The podcast summary that I listened to explains how this happens and suggests strategies for teachers and other adults who work with "troubled children," strategies that will help the child cope with their extremely active and sensitive brain and the unhelpful ways they sometimes learn to cope.

After listening I wrote to the author and mentioned that I would like to see a similar resource to share with parents. She said that she is planning on doing a regular podcast for parents next year.

Even though this particular book and podcast are directed towards non-parents, I'd encourage brave parents to listen to the podcast that she already put together. Some of the strategies she suggests may be helpful for you now.

As I said, it may be a bit hard to listen to, but it is better to face the facts and make adjustments now if you can. And, if it seems right to you, talk with a professional, or with a school counselor, if you have questions about your particular child and family. I can help you find someone to talk with if you contact me.

Here's a quick explanation of what's in the book:
Simple and concise, The Teacher's Introduction to Attachment offers an easy way to understand children with attachment issues and how they can be supported.

Author Nicola Marshall combines her expertise as an adoptive parent and schools trainer to describe in plain English what attachment is, how children develop attachment problems and how these problems affect a child's social, emotional and neurological development.

She addresses some of the difficulties in identifying attachment issues in children - common among children who are in care or adopted, but which are sometimes mistaken for symptoms of ADHD or Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Nicola also describes a range of helpful principles and practical strategies which will help children flourish - from simple tips for the individual on how to improve their communication to the changes a school can make to reduce a child's anxiety about changes and transitions.

Ideal for teachers and support staff to pick up and use, this book is an essential addition to any school's staff library.
Please pray for parents and teachers and all who spend time with children. Pray for and share unconditional love with parents whose children have experienced chaos early in life. Pray for them and support them. Don't shame them. Just care for them where they are at. Pray they will be brave enough to look at their children with fresh eyes and learn new skills in parenting, knowing that forgiveness is theirs today through our wonderful Lord Jesus.


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