Sunday, August 3, 2014

Late Note

Good morning.  Just a quick note before I go back to bed.  This week has been a full one, mostly doing preparation for what's coming up next.  To see what the "next" is you can look at our church website "Leadership Quest" page and "Re:Build" -- the clever name that someone in our church network came up with for the message series that we're planning to start on August 10.  (On Thursday I met with network partners to begin work on a fall series -- based on the first half of the Gospel of Mark.)

At the beginning of last week we hosted a "families with young children cookout."  We're also looking for responses to a "Children and Youth Ministry Survey" (download here) so we can better prepare for fall programming that traditionally begins at the beginning of September.

In the midst of this Toni and I are expecting our first grandchild!  Exciting times!  

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