Monday, August 18, 2014

Church and Family

A dear friend recently challenged me about how church and family fit together.

The assumption is often that church should fit the standard way that each of us does family--but there is another way to think about this, a way summarized by the phrase "Family On Mission."

Here are two video presentations from Community of Hope church in Rosemount that I think are helpful in explaining what this is about -- presentations that are a part of the "Re:Build" series on the book of Nehemiah that we are using parts of at Crossroads.  At this link you can learn more about that, plus listen to our versions of messages in the series that we've shared so far.

On August 24th at Crossroads the plan is that some of our youth, particularly our youth who have been part of the YouthWorks mission trip, will be planning and leading worship as an example of the TEAMWORK that families can engage in as mission partners with the Lord.

Rebuild: A Study of Nehemiah | “Family On Mission” Nehemiah 3 (Jason Lovold) from Community of Hope on Vimeo.

Rebuild: A Study of Nehemiah | “Fighting For Family” Nehemiah 4 (Per Nilsen) from Community of Hope on Vimeo.

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