Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sunny Day for Youth

So today school was two hours late.  They say there was fog.  Not near us.  I guess it was way out Litchfield way.  Because of the fog our scheduled first grade field trip was shortened.  Instead of driving to St. Paul's Children's Museum we ended up at Baker Park.  And it was a beautiful day to be outdoors!

Last night at prayer we brought to the Lord many praises and concerns; and then, in a lighthearted sort of way, one of our prayer warriors just asked the Lord to provide a day of sun.  She knew He could, and He did.  We are thankful.

Tonight we have our final scheduled Wednesday evening youth meeting of the spring.  They're on their way to Brooks Lake park for a cookout.  I am so thankful for Ann Benson & Mark Koller, our key "up front" leaders, for Toni Thorson, Mary Kay Morris and Catherine Young (always here, always helpful), for kitchen leaders Libby Bayuk & Nancy Buschel (and recent addition Allan Sorenson).  Ann says that we'll be having some occasional youth events this summer--we'll keep you updated at church, by email and on our church website.

Earlier this month I sent in application forms that some of our youth have turned in in advance of the "Urban Ventures" mission trip with North Heights Lutheran Church.  We're still waiting for a couple more to be turned in.  I've written to the North Heights youth leader checking to see for sure if the tardy applications can be accepted.  I was told earlier that one or two more wouldn't be a problem so hopefully that is still the case.  The pre-trip meeting at North Heights is this coming Sunday, June 2.  The trip is late July.  More at

In a few minutes I'll be heading out to the high school "performing arts center" for the 2013 Dassel-Cokato Baccalaureate service.  This service is sponsored by the Dassel-Cokato pastors--not by the school.  It's always a good event.

I'm sure there's more I could write, but time to go!

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