Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Healing Prayer

I'm hoping to find time this week to read more of a book loaned to me by my son Daniel.  I have it until Sunday only, but I've been particularly interested in the section called a "Five-Step Prayer Model."

The five steps that Randy Clark suggests are: • Interview, • Diagnosis & Prayer Selection, • Prayer Ministry: Praying for Effect, • Stop and Re-interview, • Post Prayer Suggestions.

Two pieces caught my attention right away:

1) A section beginning on page 222 that says:
Jesus did not say pray for the sick, He said to heal the sick. When you read the gospel's stories about healings, notice that Jesus and His disciples never prayed petitionary (begging or pleading) prayers for healing.  Instead, they commanded in prayer every time.  
2) And then from page 227:
...In order for long-term healing to take place, the root cause of illness must be dealt with. The most common roots are these:
• Psychosomatic Issues--the main root of many illnesses
• Natural causes--accidental injuries or carcinogens causing cancer
• Genetic causes--generational curses
• Afflicting spirits
• Lifestyle Issues--neglecting scriptural teaching regarding rest, diet, exercise, stress
What do you think? (More at another time on this...)

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