Thursday, April 18, 2013

Where Faith Grows Strong

Faith grows strong in the soil of lamentation.

We never need fear sadness or tears.  In fact, we should get used to them and welcome them when they come, whether they come to us in our own life personally or when others come to us with their griefs.

This is especially true for Christian believers.  Tears and sadness are not signs of unbelief.  Instead, they are signs of moments when we can be most open to the Comfort of God, the Holy Spirit, and the priceless Word.

I encourage you to face fears, tears and sad thoughts head-on instead of seeking distraction.  Go to your heavenly Father in prayer.  Ask Him to speak to you and then open your Bible and begin to read.  Look for the sadness (in the Bible) and find companionship.  (So many saints have gone before you through the dark.)  Then look for the Word of Promise that comes.  Look for the light.  It will come.  God is faithful.  He will give you what you need.

In addition to going to the Lord in prayer and in scripture on my own, I find deep comfort when I go to other mature Christian believers who are, like Jesus, familiar with grief.  I often ask for prayers when my heart fails.  I treasure those friends who do not push me away at those times, those friends who are not afraid of sadness, those friends who know the work God does in the dark.  With those friends, whether in person, on the phone, or even via social media, I have heard God's voice, speaking strength and peace right there in the hardest of times.

The Word of God can be a super-blessed source of strength and God's truth can become precious beyond all else--but this requires us to avoid the temptation to hide triviality, entertainment and perpetual good-humor.  And passing though those sad times is what truly helps me grow strong in faith--in trusting God--and brings me great hope and love for others, and ready to walk beside others while faith grows.

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