Friday, April 19, 2013

Leaders for Crossroads

I sent this out as an email a few weeks ago to our Crossroads Community Church Board.  

Please be in prayer about the April 28 Partnership Dinner and the selection of three board members to replace those whose terms have expired.

Thank you!


... Here are some things to pray about when looking for future Crossroads leaders:

1) Character - Hold the person in mind and pray through Galatians 5:22-23.  Is the person growing (not perfect, but growing) in the fruit of the spirit?  are they willing to seek to be honest with themselves about themselves and their relationships?

2) Capacity - Read through Acts 2:42-27 and consider the need for our leaders to be together with our church.  Consider their ability to participate fully in our common life at Crossroads (worship, service, study, prayer)?  Are they able to be at meetings?  Does it work into their schedule?

3) Chemistry - See Luke 10:5-6.  Is the person we're considering a "person of peace" to Crossroads?  Are they obviously supportive of the church, its pastor and leadership? Can they get along with others who don't see things just as they do?

4) Calling - Look at Matthew 4:18-20.  Can this person consider being on the board a part of their personal calling to follow Jesus?  Do they know Jesus personally as their Lord and Savior?  Are they willing to step out beyond their comfort zone if they believe God is calling them?

Let's consider these four items as goals for our personal lives as well as our new board members.

God bless you all.

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