Sunday, April 7, 2013

Weekend End

Just thought I'd write a few lines before heading to bed tonight.  My heart is full of gratitude for all the ways God has preserved and protected me and Toni and our children and our many loved ones.  There are days of pain and trouble, but the Lord helps us through them all and I am so thankful.  I want all the world to know God's amazing grace.

We had a sweet time in worship this morning followed by a afternoon at North Heights "All Things New" production.  After getting home from that there was a quick supper, a quick nap and then some time of cleaning at Toni's business.  And God gives strength and peace for it all.

Tomorrow will begin on the school bus and end at a Crossroads Board of Directors meeting.  God will give strength for tomorrow too.  All Glory to the Lord.

If you're not feeling God's peace tonight, if you are in pain, ask someone to pray with you.  And spend some time in God's Word.

Much love to you all from Jesus.

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