Monday, April 8, 2013

Teaching Trust

The Lord IS faithful.

How can we help one another remember this at the moments when we need faith the most?

As Graham Cooke says "Faith is not a demand. It is a gift from God."

I am praying today for those who need provision & power and asking the Lord for opportunities to share truth with them in ways that are kind and powerful, so that their minds are transformed.

Too often believers forget to believe in the tough times.  Too often believers forget to pray and then hesitate to ask others to pray over them.  Too often we think we should be able to handle storms by ourselves.

The "confession" that Graham speaks of in the poster above is the confession "The Lord is faithful."  Agreeing with that truth, we find God's power at work to move circumstances in ways we can't easily explain.  This kind of faith does make a difference.  Something will change, something will move, there will be "a result."

Often it takes time for our brains to be "re-programmed" for trust.  Let's be patient with one another during the process.  Let's not get too frustrated with one another as our anxieties rise and fall.  Let's "validate" the feelings of our friends and family and church members, weeping with those who weep and rejoicing with those who rejoice... but then let's point one another to our faithful God.

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