Saturday, October 27, 2012

Words with Friends

Tomorrow morning we're beginning the series of messages that I wrote about on Tuesday, though at that time I didn't mention the sermon series title: Words with Friends.  Since that time the focus shifted a bit, partly because on Wednesday evening I was privileged to hear part of what Ann Benson shared with our youth this week about Friendship.  We talked afterward and now she'll be sharing in part of the sermon tomorrow, using Bible verses that fit perfectly in with the Words with Friends theme.

Have you played "Words with Friends"?  It's an online crossword puzzle game.  It's a lot like Scrabble.  At right you'll see a picture of the game board.  It must be fun.  Five million people have played.

Real-life "words with friends" can be fun too.  God gave human beings the ability to use language and people have developed more ways to speak and write with words than I can even imagine.

God gave us the ability to use words so we wouldn't be so isolated, one from another.  Let's use our words carefully, but let's not clam up and refuse to talk with one another.  And then, when someone talks, take time to listen!

We'll share more about this tomorrow at Crossroads.

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