Friday, October 12, 2012

Unexpected Evening

I returned a few minutes ago from the twin cities. I ended up at a healing conference where my sons and my future daughter-in-law and some of their friends were. They had been there last night and had seen several people healed right before their eyes. I've never seen what they described.  I wonder about it.  I thought it would be good to see for myself.

That wasn't my original plan. I thought I was going in for an evening at the "Ignite" evangelism conference but en route to the cities I talked to one of my sons. My sons have experience much more than I have in terms of healing ministry, and because there are so many that I love and care for that need healing I've longed to learn more.  Now that I'm home, I'm still "puzzling" and wondering about it all.  Not a lot to say right now.  Just wondering... and thankful for the healing power of God.

I'm jotting this here tonight before I go to bed just because I'm reflecting on my preaching task for Sunday morning.  We'll be looking at what Peter the Apostle went through when Jesus RESET his outlook on life, expanding it to include those who he had, in the past, written off or not even thought about. You can read the story for yourself in Acts 10 - you can read it here

How does God want to reset your point of view? Will you allow him to do so? Or will you stubbornly stay with what is familiar?

I'm still puzzling about what I heard and experienced at the healing conference, but I am open to the Lord's work. I will not confine God to my prejudices. I will stick with the scriptures and God's inspired Word as we find it in the Bible, but I will not cut out expressions of that faith that are new or that just "feel" awkward or too different. As I learn, I will study the scriptures, pray for faith and discernment and allow others to question and challenge me.  I invite you to challenge me -- but please let God challenge you too.

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