Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Danger of Following Feelings

Christian leaders are called by God to follow God, NOT the opinions or feelings of people. When Christians leaders get caught up in following feelings, they unintentionally bind their followers in spiritual strongholds instead of setting them free to follow Jesus.

Here's another way to say that:

Christian leaders must allow their followers to feel bad sometimes. They must not just do what they are told to do by individuals, families or "the people." Their leader, that is the "Christian leader's leader" must be God and the Word of God. When they abdicate the difficult and often emotionally painful job they have been given, to lead instead of to just follow the people, the people are taught that their feelings are more important than God. This leads the people out of God's protection and into the devil's playground. Their souls are sold.

Let us pray that those who have been sold into bondage would be set free! The process of being set free is often painful, so let us pray that Jesus would come near to these dear ones so that their journey to freedom would not be too discouraging.

Remember the Exodus from bondage in Egypt and the temptation that the people fell into to soothe their feelings by making and worshiping a golden calf. Feelings can be such an idol today.

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