Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Honesty and Reconciliation

I'm seeking today, in prayer, for the way God is calling me to go in preparation for this Sunday's message.  If you looked at the Crossroads website earlier, or if you were in church and picked up a bulletin, you'll see that we have a plan in place.  The next topic would be "Confession and Reconciliation."  But the fact is that we really didn't cover the topic of "Honesty," which was the announced topic for Oct. 21.  This isn't to say that Louis King was anything other than honest with us as he preached!  "Honest" may be Louis' middle name!  His message, which encompassed two main points," came straight from the heart of a man who is after God's heart.  There was nothing fake about it.  It was an example of honesty, not a message about honesty, so I believe God is calling us to address the topic, this week of Honesty and Reconciliation.  After all, what is confession if not being honest with others, and, of course, with myself.


*Louis' message from Oct. 21 can be found on our church website's "worship" page.  I found two main points in it: (1) Confessing Jesus and (2) Hearing God Speak.


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