Friday, July 8, 2011

Swatting Mosquitoes

I wrote this on Tuesday morning, July 5 but posted it on July 8.

It's another beautiful morning in Colorado Springs.  We've been here since Saturday and awhile ago I asked my brother-in-law if it's always beautiful like this here.  According to him, this is a typical summer morning.  Cool, dry and sunny (it will get hot later, of course).  But the extra bonus: no mosquitoes.   

Earlier this morning my father-in-law mentioned a study done some years ago of retired persons who had moved from the northland.  Many of the Christian believers in the study had been active and involved in their churches in the north but stopped after they moved.  Why?  They got tired of discussions (Dick used the word "fights") about, as he said, "the color of the carpet" and all the other details of church life that they'd suffered through back home.

Maybe there are spiritual mosquitoes too.

You don't need to be at church to suffer from those pesky bugs.  We came out here to Colorado for my niece's wedding.  It was a grand outdoor event, beautiful and well-organized.  (Mikelle and Kegan are remarkable young people.  They wanted their wedding to be a testimony and praise to God--and that's what it was--through and through.)

Even so, weddings, and every other event that involves people, a certain amount of care was needed to make sure the spiritual mosquitoes didn't descend.  The one in charge of doing that was the wedding coordinator.  It was her task (done quite joyfully it seemed to me) to make sure the Kegan and Mikelle's wedding plans were carried out.  She had the plan at hand--a detailed list of who was doing what when.  From my point of view, the wedding came off without a hitch.  I didn't see mosquitoes of either kind--spiritual or other.  It was great.

At our young church (Crossroads Community Church of Cokato) we will be swatting spiritual mosquitoes by letting go of some things while dedicating ourselves to the aspects of the church's ministry that we are personally involved in.  The pattern for this is found in Acts 6, where the early church prayed and SOME (not all) people were set apart for certain functions. When any of us think we need to be involved in everything, we can become spiritual mosquitoes ourselves.  May the Lord swat us when we do.

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