Sunday, July 24, 2011

One We Follow

This morning at Crossroads we're going to begin a series of messages about discipleship.  A disciple is someone who knows he or she is not what they could or should be and who has found someone that they want to copy, someone who they want to be like.  We at Crossroads,  together with thousands of others in our local area and millions of others around the world, we say Jesus is that someone, that one that is worth copying.  We want to be his disciples, his students, his apprentices.  We want to be like him.

We want to be like him because we have discovered there is no other good option.  Without him, we are lost.  With him we are full of life, life that bursts forth and creates new beginnings everywhere we go.  But it's ONLY because of Jesus, our Master and our Savior, the One to whom we owe everything we are and everything we do.  We come to church to hear God's Word, the word that reminds us of this truth over and over again.  For without that reminder, we begin to think we're "something" on our own.  A disciple should never think that.  We're always who we are simply because of the One we follow.  And Jesus is our only choice.

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