Saturday, July 9, 2011

Jesus' Question

Good morning all.  Toni and I returned last night from an eight-day road trip that took us to Okoboji IA and Ogallala NE, the Dahlin-Mosier wedding near Colorado Springs, a day with Toni's family in the mountains at a cabin near Grand Lake, a one day drive back to Okoboji, and a my-mom's-side-of-the-family event at Lake Mills IA.  Aside from missing my wallet all went well.

Amid all the blessings and pains of life, Jesus is asking me this question:  Do you love me?  I came to know that yesterday morning as I sat in a chapel at Okoboji Lutheran Bible Camp with a hundred or more others listening to presentation by Pastor Mike Housholder.  The week's theme was "Restored" and the Friday theme was "Restored to Community" based on Jesus' conversation with Peter in John 21:15-19.

Jesus is asking me for undivided loyalty and undivided love.  He wants to know if I will love him more than I love anyone or anything else.  He wants me to know if I will follow him no matter what.  And he is asking the same question of all of us at the same time.

At Crossroads this summer I've been encouraging people to take time to study and pray through a "reflection guide" written by my friend Wendy Berthelsen.  We're proceeding slowly, having gone through only the introduction and first chapter so far.  We'll meet again Monday evening   We'll continue this for some time, leading up to an all church retreat with the author that is scheduled for September 30 - October 1.  Through this prayerful consideration of how God is calling us Jesus will ask each of us "Do you love me?"

Do you and I love Jesus enough to spend time with him, listening to him, asking him to lead us and guide us?  Or will we stubbornly follow our own ways?  The Lord Jesus has given us a way to ask this question together here in the Dassel-Cokato area.  He is asking us this question now.

We have copies of the reflection guide at Crossroads.  When we run out, we'll get more.

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