Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sex and Cheese

Last night we had a delightful time at DC United.  DC United is a series of events put on by Dassel-Cokato area youth directors.  Last night's event featured Molly Sandborn, aka "The Cheeseball Chick."

Her message on sex was frank, appropriate, fun and challenging.  She has t-shirts that say "KEEP YOUR PANTS ON!" and talks to youth about not letting anyone mess around "where the sun doesn't shine."

Molly will be speaking on Friday evening April 30 and Saturday May 1 at a retreat for women and girls (age 8 up) at First Baptist Church here in Cokato.  I'd really encourage you to attend!
Friday, April 30
6:00-6:30pm Meet Molly, the "Cheeseball Chick"
6:30-7:45pm God Delights Despite.....
7:45-8:30pm Delightful Dessert
8:30-9:45am The Dangers of Delighting in Guys

Saturday, May 1
8:45-9:15am Coffee and Treats
9:15-10:30am Flight to Delight
11:00-1:00pm Ladies and Girls Spring Luncheon
~Delighting is Exciting~
Reserve your spot by calling the First Baptist Church office at 320-286-2562.

Of course, there is something even more important than sex.  Molly calls this "Meeting the Big Cheese."  On her website she's got lots of cool stuff, including a story that begins like this:
I was in high school and had the opportunity to ride in a car with my older brother and 4 of his really cool friends. I had a crush on all the guys in the car, except of course, my brother. I was sandwiched in between the driver and my brother, so you can imagine my embarrassment as I “cut the cheese” -  no pun intended. I let out a silent but very deadly, slowly seeping fart. Oh wow, it was bad! The color rose in my cheeks as I realized what I had just done.

Of course I nearly started a riot in the car. The guys were yelling, banging their fists on the ceiling, making gagging noises, stomping their feet. Sure enough, the inquisition began. They started in the back seat drilling each guy to try to place the blame. “Dude! Could that have really come from a human? How is that possible?”. Each guy was adamant it was not him. My fear rose as the questioning reached the front seat. My brother was next than me. I am not a very good liar and figured I’d burst into tears of shame and embarrassment when it got to me. It never did.

I was floored when I heard my brother say, “Sorry guys, it was me.” And for the remainder of the ride, my brother was in the hot seat. I sat in silence, wondering if there was any way that my brother really let one go at the exact time I did. I had to find out. When we got home, I pulled him aside. He was quick to explain that he knew it was me. “Molly, I know our smell. I can recognize the Barnhart Fart and I knew you’d be devastated, so I decided to take the blame so you wouldn’t have to.”
You can read the rest of the story by clicking here.

Here are some other little tidbits from a few notes I took at Molly's talk last night:
  • Molly said: When I got married I both my husband and I were virgins and hadn't messed around sexually.  So we didn't need to worry about anything when it came to sex.  We didn't need to worry that the the other person had an STD or an STI (sexually transmitted infection).  We didn't need to think that the other person was comparing us with a previous partner.  It was great!
  • A majority--over 50%--of high school seniors have actually NOT had sex.
  • For guys - having sex now will NOT impress your future wife.
  • Oral sex is sex.
  • Love is PATIENT - first definition of LOVE in the list of definitions beginning in First Corinthians 13:4.
  • A guy once told Molly that he thinks of one word when he sees a girl dressed provocatively: Chlamydia!  She then encouraged girls to look through their clothes with a friend and ask themselves "Why do I wear that?" and if the answer is "to excite guys" or turn them on -- get rid of that clothing.
  • When you feel pressured into sex, remove yourself from the situation!
  • Pay attention to the movies you watch, the songs you listen to, the websites you visit.  Ask yourself - Do the producers sexually provocative or explicit media care about you?  (The answer is no.)
  • Sex is a spiritual thing.  It's not just physical.  The act of sex makes two one (First Corinthians 6:16).
  • But we serve a God who makes everything new (First John 1:9).  Forgiveness and new life and new birth are always available because, on the Cross, God took ownership of us--and our sins.
For more about sexuality, look in our church library for books from the Learning About Sex series or my Interview on Sexuality on this blog.

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