Sunday, April 11, 2010

Makes Me Love Everybody

Our church choir sang a concert this afternoon with the Litchfield Area Male Chorus.  One of the songs our choir sang was "Old Time Religion."  The words (more or less) go like this:
Give me that old time religon (repeat 3 times).  It's good enough for me.
Then the next verse says:
Makes me love everybody (repeat 3 times).  It's good enough for me.
I'm thinking about that in connection with Luke Cada's message from today's church services.  He talked a lot about the importance of God's law--how the Law of God is needed so we will KNOW we need JESUS as the CURE for the death dealing SIN in our lives.  That's "old time religion."

How can that make me love everybody?  When I see how I am a sinner in need of grace--when I know I am a lost wretch that needs to believe and be saved--then I will have a lot more patience and love for the other sinners who are around me every day.  And when I receive the forgiveness God gives, the Holy Spirit comes along and brings his BIG LOVE into my heart.  No more will I look at others except as brothers and sisters, standing in the need of grace, of prayer, and love.

Knowing myself as a sinner, saved by grace, it does make me love others so much more.

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