Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's Not My Life It's God's

Here's another take on the EXTRAORDINARY gift God gave our family and our church this past weekend as we met the crosswalkers from Bethany College of Missions--written from the point of view of one of the walkers, Andria Jasper:
On Saturday April 10th we were instructed to be out at the flag pole on campus at 5am. We were told we were going on a cross walk, going to be dropped off at least 2 hours from campus, with no money, no food, no phones, and no watches. Basically just water and our bibles. So we got into the van and were told to put our blindfolds on, and off we went with a six foot cross in the van with us. On my team was Luke, Hannah, Julia, and Nicole. We sat in the car in silence waiting to be dropped off in anticipation of what this weekend was going to be like. We had to be back to campus by Sunday night at 8pm or we had to call to get a ride back. Finally we were dropped off in the middle of no where by a lake, at what we think was 7:30am on Saturday. All we could do at this point was rely on the Lord to get us back to campus and provide for us everything we needed. SO we prayed about which direction to start going and headed out left.......
For the rest of the story go to Andria Jasper's blog at It's Not My Life It's God's.  (Mark Anderson from our church plays a role in this--read the rest of the story to find out how.)  Hannah Dunbeck shares her perspective at A Ripple In the Water.  One more P.S. ... My message prep from Saturday (both before and after the encounter on the road) plus audio from Sunday morning is found at Stand Up!


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