Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Crossing the Street

For some folks, crossing the street to come to a neighborhood or church event is a big deal. I was reminded of this on vacation as I biked by a church of an unfamiliar denomination, wondered what goes on there on Sundays, and wondered if I'd be welcome. And I thought, "if I felt that way, even for a moment, how often do people feel that way in our town?" Then, tonight, at the Parkview Apartments National Night Out, going from house to house in the neighborhood, I had little if any success as I encouraged people to stop by for a hot dog and get to know their apartment dwelling neighbors. For some, leaving home, walking across the street, it's hard to do.

How can we, as God's servants in our community, help people take those first steps toward the relationships God wants for each of us? And, if it's a challenge to meet new people, we need to be helping people be introduced to the Lord in a gentle way too.


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  1. Pastor Steve
    I always appreciate your insight into simple things we ignore. Thank you Beef